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With the fourth and final BACP community meeting concluded, and Commissioner Gressel’s determination that a satisfactory outcome has not been reached, the matter will be referred to the City’s Corporation Counsel who will determine if sufficient evidence exists to bring formal public nuisance charges against Bottled Blonde.

In this new phase, it is the community that has the burden of proof to demonstrate that Bottled Blonde creates a public nuisance when it goes into its “nightclub mode”.  Learn more here.

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June 15th BACP Meeting Community Video



So, What’s the Issue?

Bottled Blonde is an establishment at 504 N Wells Streeet that labels itself, “Pizzeria + Beer Garden + Nightlife”

The owners signed a Plan of Operation that stated that:

  • Licensee shall operate as a restaurant . . . where the sale of alcoholic beverages will only be incidental to the food service. (50/50 food-to-alcohol sales ratio)
  • Licensee will not operate as a dance club or venue.
  • Licensee shall disallow the formation of lines on the exterior of the premises . . .

If one visits the club on any late night evening, the reality of what Bottled Blonde is in “nightclub mode” is clear.

The problems? Urination, vomit, late-night ear-splitting noise, blocked sidewalks, public intoxication, drug use and more.

Is a live music, nightclub with bottle service really appropriate for our neighborhood?

We don’t think so.

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What Can I Do to Help?

If you witness a legitimate public nuisance problem – excessive noise, blocked sidewalks, intoxicated patrons, public urination, etc. – please call 911.  We’ve confirmed many times with the CPD that the 911 operators are fully prepared to triage each call and that important resources will not be diverted because of your call.

If you’re witnessing an illegal incident or a public nuisance, please take a cell phone video and send that video to

Please click the “Yes, I’ll Support Our Neighborhood” button below to indicate that you may or will attend the meeting.  Each and every neighbor attending the meeting will be critical to our continued efforts to insure that traffic, noise, and illegal activities are minimized while the safety of our neighborhood is insured.

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How Can I help?

Please add your voice to the petition and if you're interested in volunteering to helps spread the word, please do let us know.